Fantasy Studios at Zaentz Media Center


Allison Gomer

Studio Manager


Allison Gomer grew up in Pleasant Hill, CA and was fortunate to have parents who listened to brass-heavy music (Smokey Robinson, the Temptations, Chicago), which likely influenced her decision to pick up the trombone in elementary school. As Allison got older she discovered ska music, started a band with her classmates and began contributing to the thriving East Bay ska & punk scene. Organizing, promoting and playing in shows from community halls to the Concord Pavilion, Allison found her calling in the music industry early on.

Allison later moved to Stockton, CA to study Music Management and continue playing trombone at the University of the Pacific. On day one, Allison hooked up with the Arts & Entertainment board of the student government to produce her school’s on- and off-campus concerts, festivals and lectures. By her second year she was Commissioner of the board, overseeing a staff of four other students. On the performing side, one of Allison’s proudest moments was being chosen as the trombonist in the recreation of Dave Brubeck’s 1946 Octet, playing with Mr. Brubeck himself.

Immediately after school, Allison got a job working for the Rosebud Agency in SF, a booking agency specializing in blues & roots music. As an assistant to three agents, she gained further experience in the live music field. Getting the bug to expand her industry horizons in September of 2010, Allison began working at Fantasy Studios to explore the very exciting world of studio recording.