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Kim Weisberg-Assistant Studio Director

Kim Weisberg was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, CA. The daughter of a musician and a teacher, she grew up immersed in the arts, from dance to music to acting, and received her BA from UCLA's School of Theatre, Film, Televison and Digital Media in 2006. Highlights from her college years include include working in the UCLA Music Special Collections Archives, volunteering for (where she managed the Unsigned Music department and hosted "I'm In A Band And So Am I," a show dedicated to unsigned, local music), producing student theatre festivals, and singing with Awaken A Cappella (also co-producing the album "Life's A Beach," which was released in 2007).

After graduation, she moved to Berkeley as the Literary Management/Dramaturgy Intern at Berkeley Repertory Theatre. She briefly left the arts world and worked at Google, providing administrative assistance to engineers and volunteering on the @Google team, hosting events and creating an on-site library. Though she enjoyed her time in Silicon Valley, Kim is glad to be back in Berkeley and working in the arts, and has been the Assistant Studio Manager here at Fantasy Studios since July 2009.