On the Cover: Fantasy Film Center Reborn

Mix Magazine, September, 2016


Fantasy Studios Unveils State-of-the-Art Mixing Theater

Variety, July 2016


Mix Regional Sessions: Bay Area

MixOnline.com, July 2015


Fantasy Studios adds new SSL Duality console

After 40 years of recording, Fantasy has added to its Studio A offering with a new SSL Duality console, which combines SSL’s signature SuperAnalogue sound and sophisticated DAW control all within an ergonomic control surface.

Audio Medio, October 2013

Jay-Z’s audio engineer visits Berkeley
The Daily Californian, April 2013

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Steven Okazaki has joined Fantasy Studios to create an extraordinary new film on the music of Nels Cline.
Press Release

Fantasy Studios at 40 - Honoring A Legacy While Embracing the Future
Mix Magazine, March 2012


Fantasy is Forty

Studio director Jeffrey Wood noted, “The two most important things that Fantasy Studios has to offer are the staff and the rooms, although we have an extensive gear selection as well. Rooms of this quality are no longer built and the engineers at Fantasy practice their art on a daily basis with every style of music and voiceover, giving them an unsurpassed knowledge of their craft.”

Prosound News Magazine, November 2011


SWOT: The ADR business
Post Magazine, December 2011


Green Day ‘Basket Case,’
SOS Classic Tracks, February 2011


Fantasy is no Mirage

Berkeley’s Fantasy Studios overcomes the shrinking music industry with a new vision to welcome a larger creative community.

The East Bay Monthly, April 2009


Watch Huun Huur Tu Perform Live at Fantasy Studios


Jeffrey Wood on the Process of Production
Recording Magazine, March 2009


Fantasy Studios
Premiere Guitar, March 2009


Fantasy is reality
Pro Sound News, July 22, 2008


Not just a Fantasy

In the San Francisco Bay Area studio scene and beyond, Fantasy Studios (www.fantasystudios.com) and the Fantasy Records label are the stuff of legend. The facility has been situated in West Berkeley for more than three decades — part of an indie media mini-empire once owned by filmmaker Saul Zaentz.

 Mix, July 1, 2008


Studio Expresso puts the spotlight on Fantasy Studios… 
Studio Expresso


Fantasy Studios unveils renovations
Pro Sound News, May 19, 2008


Fantasy Studios announces major renovations
May 13, 2008


Digital media in fantasyland
San Francisco Business Times, February 7, 2008