Jeffrey Wood - Studio Director

Allison Gomer - Studio Manager

Jesse Nichols - Engineer

Adam Muñoz - Engineer

Alberto Hernandez - Engineer

James Gangwer - Chief Technical Engineer

Robert Kirby - Staff Assistant


Jeffrey Wood

Studio Director 

In the last 25 years Jeffrey has established himself as an international music producer, engineer, composer, and label consultant. He has worked for labels such as Warner Brothers, Reprise, Virgin and Chrysalis. Early in his career Jeffrey relocated to London where he produced music for labels and film, as well as being hired to open the UK office for Los Angeles based company Malibu Management.

Five years later, upon locating in Los Angeles, he signed with Polygram Publishing as an artist and writer, as well as continuing to produce for labels. In 1995 he became a producer working in residence at Fantasy Studios. Jeffrey has produced music in 11 languages and worked in studios throughout the states and Europe. He has worked with artists such as the Housemartins, Luka Bloom, Penelope Houston, among many others. He also produced Erika Luckett’s “Unexpected,” which was awarded the “Album of the Year” in the World music competition of Just Plain Folk, the largest music organization in the world. The album was also voted the 2008 “International Music CD of the Year” by the World Arts Celebrity Journal. He has also co-produced “Approximately Nels Cline”, a nationally released film by Academy Award winner Steven Okazaki examining the creative process in the recording studio, featuring the eloquent guitarist of Wilco.

Jeffrey was named Studio Director of Fantasy Studios at the end of 2007. Since then he has worked with many notable recording artists, including clients listed on the Fantasy website since 2007. In addition to bringing 25 years of experience with him, Jeffrey provides a wide range of services including production, recording and musical expertise, budget planning, and music industry insight to help make the Fantasy recording experience the most rewarding experience possible.


Allison Gomer

Studio Manager 

Allison Gomer grew up in Pleasant Hill, CA and was fortunate to have parents who listened to brass-heavy music (Smokey Robinson, the Temptations, Chicago), which likely influenced her decision to pick up the trombone in elementary school. As Allison got older she discovered ska music, started a band with her classmates and began contributing to the thriving East Bay ska & punk scene. Organizing, promoting and playing in shows from community halls to the Concord Pavilion, Allison found her calling in the music industry early on.

Allison later moved to Stockton, CA to study Music Management and continue playing trombone at the University of the Pacific. On day one, Allison hooked up with the Arts & Entertainment board of the student government to produce her school’s on- and off-campus concerts, festivals and lectures. By her second year she was Commissioner of the board, overseeing a staff of four other students. On the performing side, one of Allison’s proudest moments was being chosen as the trombonist in the recreation of Dave Brubeck’s 1946 Octet, playing with Mr. Brubeck himself.

Immediately after school, Allison got a job working for the Rosebud Agency in SF, a booking agency specializing in blues & roots music. As an assistant to three agents, she gained further experience in the live music field. Getting the bug to expand her industry horizons in September of 2010, Allison began working at Fantasy Studios to explore the very exciting world of studio recording.


Jesse Nichols


Jesse Nichols dove into the local Sacramento, CA music scene in his late teens playing in bands, recording, and touring. Shortly thereafter he decided to dedicate himself to learning the process of “making records.” In late 1999 he relocated to Oakland, CA and enrolled at the newly opened Ex’pression Center for New Media in Emeryville. Fourteen months later he emerged with a perfect GPA, tons of praise from the teaching staff, and an Associates Degree in Applied Science, all of which helped him land a staff engineer position at Fantasy Studios in 2001.

Since then Jesse has worked with such artists as Iggy and the Stooges, Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin, Duran Duran, Doves, Death Valley High, Magik Magik Orchestra, Sarah Maclaughlin, Journey, White Stripes, Allman Brothers, Santana, Los Lonely Boys, and many, many more. He’s even had the pleasure of mixing tracks from musical legends like Cal Tjader, Otis Redding, and Rufus Thomas long after they’ve passed on. Other feathers in his cap include movie scores for films such as Grizzly Man, countless advertisements for top companies like T-Mobile, Yahoo!, and Certs, and extensive involvement with audio for motion pictures, television, and video games. Jesse has been involved in just about every type of recording session imaginable; multi-room, video linked tracking sessions, ADR sessions with actors like Robyn Wright and Rita Moreno, Voice Over sessions with talent like Danny Glover and Michael Pollan, Foley work on such films as Casanova and Happily Never After, live shows for San Francisco’s KFOG, and recording a multitude of various Pixar animated characters from Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Ratatouille to name a few.

His expertise in tracking, mixing, and producing makes him extremely versatile in any and all studio situations. And while he continues to write, play, and tour, Fantasy Studios has been his home away from home for well over a decade now.


Adam Muñoz


Adam Muñoz has been a veteran of the Bay Area music scene for twenty-plus years. Having joined the Fantasy Studios team as a full-time House Engineer in 2008 Adam has had the opportunity to engineer sessions for many local and national recording artists. Adam has worked with artists like Herbie Hancock, Dave Mathews, Branford Marsalis, Joshua Bell, Chester Thompson, Lyle Lovett, Six Pence None the Richer, Hank Williams III, Otis Redding, Vince Guaraldi and Joanna Newsom. He has also continued working with and cultivating his long-time relationship with guitarist Bill Frisell and producer Lee Townsend.
Adam came to Fantasy after many years as an independent engineer working out of some of the finest studios in the San Francisco and abroad, including the famed Different Fur Recording. As a staff engineer at Different Fur and Brilliant Studios, Adam worked on many notable sessions for artists like Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Chris Isaak, Bonnie Raitt, The Cranberries, Paula Cole and on George Winston’s Grammy Award-winning project “Forest.”

With a background that includes ADR/VO, Foley, lock-to-picture sessions and orchestral film scores, Adam’s versatility as an engineer has lent itself to the fast-paced environment of Fantasy Studios.


Alberto Hernandez


Born in Mexico City, Alberto Hernandez has had the opportunity to be immersed in various cultures and has been directly exposed to various unconventional musical genres. In 1989 he and his family uprooted and headed to the greater Los Angeles area. While living in L.A. he was trained in saxophone and classical guitar. Alberto has played with a variety of bands from Southern California which afforded him the opportunity of touring the west coast a myriad of times. In 2001, on a whim, Alberto decided to move to San Francisco. While in San Francisco the recording bug bit Alberto and he decided that rather than performing he’d prefer to be on the other side of the glass. Alberto built a small home studio and started recording various projects at home with friends. Eventually he decided to take a more serious approach to recording and went back to school attending Ex’pression College for Digital Arts. While at Ex’pression, Alberto worked at a small studio in San Francisco called Headchange Studios. Additionally, Alberto worked briefly as an intern at Studio 880. In August of 2008 Alberto started working at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley California. Alberto has worked with a plethora of artists and through a wide spectrum of genres. Artists Alberto has worked with include but are not limited to: Journey, Lil Wayne, Dave Matthews, Herbie Hancock, Danny Glover, Michael Pollan, George Winston, etc.


James Gangwer 

Chief Technical Engineer 

A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, James Gangwer got his start in the music business as a player and originally studied electronics to learn how to fix his own amplifier. He continued his education to learn the technical side of tube, solid state and computer based equipment. In August, 2001, he was brought on as a staff member of the Fantasy Studios team because of his unparalleled expertise in vintage microphones and outboard equipment. At the time, the studio’s vast collection was in terrible disrepair. With James’ expertise, Fantasy Studios now boasts one of the finest collections of vintage microphones and outboard gear in the Bay Area. James continues to be the go-to guy for the lofty task of maintaining the valuable and unique collection of gear that Fantasy Studio houses.


Robert Kirby

Staff Assistant 

Robert Kirby grew up near San Jose, CA and has been enjoying music for his entire life. Having parents that played Eric Clapton, Neil Young, The Talking Heads and many others, quality music surrounded him as a child. His mother even took him to see Page and Plant for one of his first concerts.

His interest in audio engineering developed when he took the Intro to Computer Music class at San Diego City College. When he finally found out what it took to make a record in Pro Tools, he was hooked. He took all of the classes that the program had to offer and decided to continue his education back in the Bay Area. The Foothill College Music Technology program was instrumental in his ascension towards a greater understanding of audio engineering. At Foothill, he spent hundreds of hours in the studio learning what it took to make a great recording.

Robert strengthened his understanding of recording technology with a Bachelor’s degree from the Digital Audio Technology program at Cogswell Polytechnical College. Cogswell provided the necessary skills to take the next big step towards a career in audio engineering. While there, mentors including Tim Duncan, Julius Dobos, and David Manley were crucial in his development towards becoming a well-rounded engineer.

Robert first started at Fantasy Studios in August of 2014 as part of the internship program. As an intern, he supplemented what he learned in the classroom with practical, on-the-job training. Robert established himself as a mature, diligent worker and knowledgeable resource to his fellow interns and, in April of 2015, was invited to join the crew full-time as Staff Assistant.

As full-time Staff Assistant, Robert has engineered sessions for CNN, Snarky Puppy, Ancestree and more. Robert also manages the Fantasy Studios internship program.