Fantasy Studios at Zaentz Media Center


Filled with natural light, the Fantasy Annex is the perfect location for video and photography shoots. Its private entrance and loading dock make it the ideal space for crews to perform quick set-ups and tear downs and the Annex’s proximity to both Studios A and B makes it a convenient service room, equipment storage space, or warm-up room for large orchestras or big bands. The space is also available for hosting company meetings, conferences, or large ensemble meals during recording sessions. As a versatile room, the Annex compliments all three studios and facilitates the various stages of creation needed to make great finished work.

Perfect For:
  • 1,488 square feet
  • Natural light
  • Partial two–story ceiling
  • Private entrance and street-accessible loading dock
  • Photography shoots
  • Work stations with WIFI accessibility
  • Conferences and company meetings

  • Video shoots
  • Artist interviews
  • Catered ensemble dinners
  • Practice/warm up room
  • Equipment storage
  • Multi-purpose service room
  • Workshop event space