Fantasy Studios at Zaentz Media Center

We at Fantasy are honored to serve all artists and members of the music, film, video, televison and gaming communities.

Rafa Sardina, Producer: “Having worked at top studios like Abbey Road in London, The Record Plant in LA and Hit Factory in Miami, I was pleasantly surprised to find a world-class facility in my new favorite city, San Francisco! Fantasy rivals any of the full-service studios with a superb staff and Jeffrey Wood commanding the operation.”

Bruce Kaphan, Producer: “Over the last number of years, I’ve come to view Studio A as a house of worship of music. I’ve recorded jazz, classical, world, Americana, rock & roll, country and old-time music within the venerable walls of this Bay Area institution, and it doesn’t matter what style of music, the room SINGS. Every group of people I’ve recorded in this room has come away with a little bit of awe as to what a great facility, run by great people, and outfitted with great gear can mean to a production. Working in this room has made me a better producer and engineer. Whenever I ponder a recording situation I’ve never tried, I try it in this room and it works. I just came off an incredibly rewarding set of tracking dates with both Victor Krummenacher and with Camper Van Beethoven. Studio A, as it always does, rose to the occasion, inspiring both the musicians and me, to do our best.”

Joe Henry, Producer & Artist: “Just home and wanted you to know how much we enjoyed ourselves under your roof last evening. I loved the studio (as did Allen [Toussaint]), and your support crew was an absolute delight.”

Dolphin City: “Thanks so much for our stay at your studio. The environment of positivity and creativity was perfect for us. Not to mention the gear was exactly what we hoped. Thanks again!”

Victor Krummenacher, Camper van Beethoven: “I’ve been recording professionally for 25 years, in everything from garages and living rooms to most Bay Area studios to Ocean Way and Capitol studios in Los Angeles. For me, there are two things you look for. The first is the sound of the room, the second is the vibe. For me, Fantasy’s Studio A is the only place in the Bay Area that has both. For my last three solo CDs, as well as Camper Van Beethoven’s Popular Songs CD, Fantasy has been the studio for at least part if not all of the recording. For me, it’s the one place where I can put eight musicians on the floor, and have them make a bunch of noise and know that the sweetness of the room will hold up. There’s a reason for rooms like Studio A—a room designed for sound, a room that can inspire skilled musicians to go for it, live, for real, like records used to be made all the time. The ambient space of the room always comes through. Drums go bang there unlike anywhere else I know.

“There are other studios in the area I like with good gear. But Fantasy has the gear AND the room, and for my work, the room is key. It’s always the first studio on the list to call.”

Sonny Rollins: “I met some great artists there over the years, and for me it was like home.”

Peppermint James: “Our experience at Fantasy Studios was so satisfying! From the moment we arrived it felt like our home away from home. Your staff was very accommodating, the studios and equipment top notch, and the environment inspiring! We will no doubt return to Fantasy in the future for all of our recording needs. Thank you for a wonderful experience, and for keeping the Fantasy alive!! Peace, love, and many blessings on you and your staff as you continue to lead the way into the future of recording.”

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