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What's this, what's this?

Around 9:00 AM on a windy Berkeley morning, this beautiful box was delivered to our loading dock doorstep. After over 40 successful years and countless gold, platinum and multi-platinum records made on our premises, we're ready for an even brighter future.

Our new SSL Duality SE in Studio A.

We are pleased to announce that we have purchased a brand new SSL Duality SE console for one of our most requested tracking and mixing rooms, Studio A. The new Duality combines the traditional analog elements of the SSL console with the software component of Pro Tools. Quite a beautiful combination if we do say so ourselves. We've been getting rave reviews from artists and engineers alike and we're very excited about this new addition to our family.

Behind the Scenes:

As one might imagine, it's not easy to remove a console. Here's James making space for the new console about a week before it was delivered to the Studios.

About five days before the arrival of the new console, James and Alberto went to work gutting the old one so that it could be removed from the Studio A control room. It took eight people to get the console up and out of the room to make way for the new SSL Duality SE.

Just four days before the arrival of the Duality, Moises reached into the old console to pull the plug. When we finally took the console out, it took two engineers and five interns to organize all the remaining cables.

There she goes! In this photo, they've just lifted her off her perch. The tricky part was getting her out the door.

After the new console found its way into Studio A, everyone went to straight to work setting it up. Meet Phil, the representative from Solid State Logic who flew in from LA to help us install our new console. Here he's adjusting some of the screws on the Duality so that the screens can be properly mounted.

Now the new console sits lit up and ready in Studio A just waiting for you to come try it out. Fewer than 250 of these have been sold worldwide. Studios across the globe that own them include Abbey Road (London), Jungle City (New York), and Hit Factory (Miami). We couldn't be more excited to join the ranks!

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