Fantasy Studios at Zaentz Media Center


New York-based Malcolm Payne in Studio D with        Malcolm Payne conducting.

a 25-piece string section.


Legendary pianist and songwriter Allen Toussaint        Jeffrey Wood with engineer Ryan Freeland and

in Studio D working with producer Joe Henry.             and Joe Henry.                    


Ryan and Jay from San Francisco-based band          Jay from Music for Animals.

Music for Animals in Studio A working with LA-

based producer/engineer Tone.


Nick of Music for Animals in Studio A's control        Alicia Campbell and Ryan Karazija of Audyre Sessions

                                                                    with  Jeffrey Wood.


Audrye Sessions with Matt Shay, Adam Munoz        Ryan and Michael of Audrye Sessions.

and Sean Desmond.



Videographer Sean Desmond with James Leste        Mos Def and producer Ben Yonas in Studio A's

of Audrye Sessions.                                           control room.



Fantasy Studios engineer Jesse                           Steve Willett of Kitchens & Bathrooms      

Nichols with Rusty Santos in one                          in Studio D's live room.                     

of the echo chambers.