Feb 2011 09

The Studio B Project

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The Studio B Project is our way of letting the world know that Studio B is alive, well and busting with creativity and maybe… a little mayhem? This is an ongoing production of short interviews with the people who are popping in and out of our space. They have stories, ideas and knock knock jokes that we want you to see. So stay tuned.

Here’s our first video!
Ladies and Gents, producer Lee Townsend.
Producer Lee Townsend in Studio B

Jan 2011 25

Golden Dookie0

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It’s 1994 and the members of Green Day are surviving off of water and bread. No, they aren’t in jail, they’re just a newly signed punk band trying to get by. And get by is more than what’s in store for them as they release their first big label studio album, Dookie, recorded here at Fantasy Studios. They would probably agree when I say that looking back on the past 18 years, those three weeks are among the most important of their life and we are more than happy to share that honor. Check out the story in Sound on Sound’s February issue.