Fantasy has been deeply involved in the postproduction world since our inception in 1971. We offer state of the art facilities capable of achieving any postproduction goal you might have.


Voice Over

We record commercial voice over and narration for film and video production, advertising and gaming companies across the US as well as Europe, Japan and China. We offer the ability to connect to other studios via low latency ISDN, Source Connect, Phone Patch or Skype depending on the needs of the project.
Because we have larger rooms as well, we are able to accommodate group VO work for game companies.



We record many lock to picture ADR sessions for Paramount, Disney, Pixar and other national production houses. With our vast selection of microphones and outboard preamplifiers we can match any prerecorded audio to help give your project the continuity it needs. Also, our ability to connect with studios around the globe via ISDN, Source Connect, phone patch and Skype can facilitate outside producers and directors being part of the session.



We regularly work with National Public Radio, the BBC and other broadcast radio stations recording interviews and segments. One of the benefits of choosing Fantasy for your broadcast or podcast needs is our large live rooms and comfortable control rooms, which provide space to record discussions and segments with many people at once.
Recent podcasts and radio clients include:
Politically Re-active
The Pitch
If, Then
I Have To Ask
This American Life
NPR World Cafe
Mother Jones
Good Morning Scotland
Shot Clock



We record many audio books every year and work with companies such as Audible, Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster. We have worked with many authors including Michael Chabon, Tim Ferris, Robert Reich, Gail Sheehy, Michael Pollen and J. D. Vance. With our ability to connect to other studios as well as our comfortable facilities we make for an ideal choice for your audio book recording needs.



We regularly record foley work for all the major production houses including 20th Century Fox, Sony, and Paramount. Our large selection of microphones as well as our custom made pits make foley work easy here at Fantasy.
We also do game foley for Sony, EA, and other companies.