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Rancid (Life Won't Wait, And Out Come The Wolves, Let's Go, Beavis and Butthead) Geffen (Engineer)

Less Than Jake (Losing Streak, I'm A Dude, Good Burger Soundtrack) Capital (Produced)

Los Infernos- Los Infernos- Alternative Tensoles (Prod/Engineer)

The KGB - KGB- Dreamworks (Engineer)

!Tang- Oaktown Ring- Take A Number (Prod/Engineer)

Union 13- Why are We Destroying Ourselves - Epitaph (Prod/Engineer)

Union 13- East Los Prsentas (Engineer)

X - Unclogged - Elektra (Engineer)

Pavement - Brighten the Corners - Matador (Mix Engineer)

The Gadjits - At Ease- Hellcat/Epitaph (Engineer)

AFI - Very Proud of Ya - Nitro (Prod/Engineer)

Testament - Souls of Black - Megaforce (Prod/Engineer)

Return to the Apocalyptic City - Atlantic (Prod/Engineer)

Practice What You Preach (Engineer)

Vicious Rumors - Vicious Rumors - Atlantic (Prod/Engineer)

Welcome to the Ball - Atlantic (Prod/Engineer)

Word of Mouth (Prod/Engineer)

Mordred - In This Life -Noise -Vision -The Next Room -In This Life (video) (Prod/Engineer)

Auntie Christ - Life Could Be A Dream -Lookout (Mix Engineer)

Powerhouse - No Regrets - Blackout Records (Engineer)

The Hippos - Forget the World - Interscope (Mix Engineer)

The "O" - Savor the Flavor- Metal Blade (Prod/Engineer)

The Organization (Prod/Engineer)

Abraxas Pool- Miramax/Bmg (Engineer)

Reverend - Play God - Charisma (Prod/Engineer)

Revrend Live Forbidden - Twisted Into Form- Combat (Prod/Engineer)

Laaz Rockit - Nothing Sacred- Enigma (Prod/Engineer)

Violence - Nothing to Gain- Megaforce (Prod/Engineer)

Sadus - Swallowed in Black - Roadrunner (Prod/Engineer)

Psychefunk-Apus - "Stone Cold" Soundtrack- Atlantic (Prod/Engineer)

Southgang - Group Therapy - Charisma (Engineer)

Joe Satriani - Flying in a Blue Dream - Relativity (Engineer)

Todd Rundgren - Nearly Human - Warner Bros. (Engineer)

Tesla - Greatest Hits - Geffren (Engineer)

Eddie Money - Can't Hold Back - CBS (Engineer)

Death Angel - Frolic Through the Park- Enigma (Engineer)

Flotsam & Jetsom - When the Storm Comes Down- MCA (Mix Engineer)

Tony Macalpine - Eyes on the World- Squawk (Mix Engineer)

Rob Wasserman - Duets- MCA (Engineer)

Dream Syndicate- Ghost Stories-MCA (Mix Engineer)

Stiff Richards - Stiff Richards- SOB (Co-Prod/Engineer)

Engorged with Blood- Engorged with Blood- SOB (Co-Prod/Engineer)

Cleveland Lounge- Speakeasy I/Speakeasy II (Engineer) Moonshine Records

Deion Sanders- Must Be the Money- Bust It (Mix Engineer)


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