Fantasy Studios at Zaentz Media Center
Studio B


Recording & Mixing

Fantasy Studios is a full-service, multi-room recording and mixing facility serving the music, film, video and game community. Whether digital or analog, our three large fully-equipped rooms provide the most detailed sound in Northern California.

We continue to book every style of music with artists from around the world.

CD Mastering

We’re pleased to have on the studio premises renowned mastering engineers George Horn and Joe Tarantino.

For questions or to book time with them, please contact them directly.

George Horn
CD and LP Mastering
510 486 2137
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Joe Tarantino
Sound Restoration and CD Mastering
925 413 0314

Media Transfer

We offer audio transfer services from most formats to the digital realm via Pro Tools.

Tape formats supported:

  • Analog 2”: 24 Track, 16 Track
  • Analog 1”: 8 Track
  • Analog ½”: 4 Track, 3 Track, Half Track Stereo, Quarter Track
  • Analog ¼”: Full Track Mono, Quarter Track
    (Two-Sided Stereo or Four Channel), Half Track Stereo, Half Track with Time Code
  • Noise Reduction Systems: (24) Dolby A361, (24) Dolby SR, (24) DBX
  • 8 Track Cartridge
  • Cassette
  • DAT
  • Sony F1 Digital PCM 501 and PCM 701
  • ADAT: 24 Channels of ADAT XT
  • DA-88: 24 Channels
  • Mitsubishi X-80 Digital in 48k or 50k Sample Rate
  • VHS Professional
  • Beta SP
  • Umatic
  • High Quality Turntable for Transfers from Vinyl
  • Uher 4000 (All Tape Speeds to 5/16)

ISDN Connection

All of our studios are ISDN compatible, providing full-frequency audio and real-time connectivity to other high-end recording studios around the world.

Fantasy Studios is the preferred choice in the San Francisco Bay Area for voiceover, additional dialog recording, overdubbing, or mix review in conjunction with another location via ISDN.


We make the studios available for film, video, photo shoots, web-casting, private concerts, record label receptions, symposiums, conferences, and visiting artists. Our amenities include a full kitchen and three lounges for leisure and meetings.

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