Fantasy Studios at Zaentz Media Center


Jason Butler
Studio Assistant

Jason was raised in Iowa, where he began his musical journey learning to play piano, trombone and drums/percussion. After graduating high school he continued to play drums in a number of rock bands and ultimately grew interested in the recording process. With that interest he applied to South Western Community College in Creston, IA, and began taking music and recording classes there.

In four months Jason quickly transitioned from student to manager of the studio in Creston. One of Jason’s clients took an interest in him and invited him to work at a project studio in San Francisco. Jason accepted, moved out west and began working on advertising jingles & industrial film scores for the next two years. Not long after moving, Jason began working at the Q Café in Palo Alto, where he was responsible for mixing live sound for many of the Bay Area’s largest music acts (Train, Box Set, Vinyl, String Cheese Incident, Charlie Hunter Trio, The Cheese Balls, Inka Inka, Pele Juju, Undercover SKA, Super Diamond, Bud E Luv, Strictly Roots, Stroke 9, Pride & Joy, and Calobo - just to name a few).

Jason continued and finished his education at San Francisco State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast & Electronic Communications with an emphasis in Audio Production. Jason was simultaneously accepted into the Fantasy Studios student internship program, where the stage was set to continue his audio adventure and enrich his passion. Jason joined the Fantasy team in an official capacity in 2013 as Studio Assistant.

Jason has worked on local and national advertising campaigns for Lucky Supermarkets, Franzia Wines and Wells Fargo. He has also worked on numerous album projects, Foley sessions and film scores. Working on the latest Iggy & The Stooges album was a huge highlight for his past year.