Fantasy Studios at Zaentz Media Center
Studio B


Jeffrey Wood

Studio Director

In the last 25 years Jeffrey has established himself as an international music producer, engineer, composer, and label consultant. He has worked for labels such as Warner Brothers, Reprise, Virgin and Chrysalis. Early in his career Jeffrey relocated to London where he produced music for labels and film, as well as being hired to open the UK office for Los Angeles based company Malibu Management.

Five years later, upon locating in Los Angeles, he signed with Polygram Publishing as an artist and writer, as well as continuing to produce for labels. In 1995 he became a producer working in residence at Fantasy Studios. Jeffrey has produced music in 11 languages and worked in studios throughout the states and Europe. He has worked with artists such as the Housemartins, Luka Bloom, Penelope Houston, among many others. He also produced Erika Luckett's "Unexpected," which was awarded the “Album of the Year” in the World music competition of Just Plain Folk, the largest music organization in the world. The album was also voted the 2008 “International Music CD of the Year” by the World Arts Celebrity Journal. He has also co-produced "Approximately Nels Cline", a nationally released film by Academy Award winner Steven Okazaki examining the creative process in the recording studio, featuring the eloquent guitarist of Wilco.

Jeffrey was named Studio Director of Fantasy Studios at the end of 2007. Since then he has worked with many notable recording artists, including clients listed on the Fantasy website since 2007. In addition to bringing 25 years of experience with him, Jeffrey provides a wide range of services including production, recording and musical expertise, budget planning, and music industry insight to help make the Fantasy recording experience the most rewarding experience possible.