Fantasy Studios at Zaentz Media Center
Studio B



  • 1,344 square ft. recording room with two-story ceiling
  • NEW! SSL Duality SE
  • Pro Tools HD3 with extensive plug-in selection
  • (2) Studer A-800 MK-III Analog Recorders
  • Custom Augsberger Monitors, Bryston Amps
  • 9’ Yamaha C9 Piano
  • (5) Reverb Echo Chambers

Studio A is one of the most requested tracking rooms in the San Francisco Bay Area with an exceptionally high ceiling giving the room a sublime sound. The room can accommodate up to 60 musicians comfortably and is tuned in a way that gives a large and present sound to all instruments.

For me, it’s the one place where I can put eight musicians on the floor, and have them make a bunch of noise and know that the sweetness of the room will hold up. – Victor Krummenacher

Fantasy Studios, studio A, concert grand piano, Berkeley CA

Studio A Floor Plan
Studio A Floor Plan Map. Please click to enlarge.

Studio A Console